Uintah Fire Suppression Special Service District

The Uintah Fire Suppression Special Service District was created in September 2006 to provide for the suppression of fire and emergency response to natural and man made disasters within Uintah County. The UFSSSD is governed by a 5 member Board that meets monthly to discuss the business of the Fire District. The Board members are: Brian Gorum, Chairman, representing Uintah County; Bob Abercrombie, Vice Chairman, representing Ballard City; Ted Munford, Secretary/Clerk, representing Vernal City; Robert Hall, Treasurer, Naples City; and Bill Stringer representing Uintah County Commission. The Fire District has 3 full time employees; Jeremy Raymond, Director/Fire Chief; Terri Terrill, Administrative Assistant; and Dave Wilson, Fire Inspector. There are currently 95 volunteers that serve the community with 5 fire stations. Chief Sam Howard, Vernal Fire Department with 26 members; Chief Brett Reynolds, Naples Fire Department with 26 members; Chief Tyler McKee, Lapoint/Tridell Fire Department with 21 members; Chief Joann Winn, Avalon Fire Department with 12 members; and Chief Chance Kay, Jensen Fire Department with 14 members. These departments responded to over 421 calls in 2015. The majority of fire calls were structural and wildland fires. They also responded to fire alarms, hazmat spills, rubbish fires and medical emergencies. These fire departments also commit many hours to educate schools, families and businesses about fire safety. Over the past eight years, we have acquired 2 new fire stations in Lapoint and Jensen, remodels for the Vernal and Avalon fire stations, 3 brush trucks, 2 rescue trucks, extrication equipment, and 3 new fire engines.